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Hostel & Mess Rules

Hostel Rules

Each hosteller shall be responsible for carrying out faithfully the following hostel rules:
  • The Student will be assigned a hostel seat.
  • The hostel is compulsory for all the students.
  • The study time will be observed from 9:00 p.m to 11:00 p.m. strictly.
  • No Student shall keep any unauthorized person(male/female)in the room.The violator of this rule will be liable for disciplinary action.
  • The inmates are responsible for cleanliness and good up keep of rooms. Every Saturday,rooms will be inspected by warden.
  • Any damage to the room or furniture should be reported to warden.
  • No inmate shall remain absent from hostel without written permission of the warden.
  • Every hosteller shall make entry in the departure register leaving the hostel during night pass/outing.
  • All lights & fans must be switched off when leaving the room,otherwise a fine of Rs.100/- per day will be charged.
  • Hostel attendants are under control of warden.No trainee is to be sent out for personal work without permission of the warden.
  • Hostellers are not allowed to keep valuable and cash,gold jewellery in Hostel,The authorities will not be responsible for any loss.
  • No intoxicants/alcoholic drinks are allowed in the Hostel.
  • No one is allowed to use abusive language in the hostel.
  • Visiting the hostel during class roomstudy period is not allowed.
  • The student are not allowed to conduct meetings/strikes in hostel.In case,any student is found guilty,she shall be expelled from college and hostel.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited in hostel.
  • All student must be present for attendance at 7.30pm.
  • No electric appliance like heater,iron,T.V., heat convector,electric rod are allowed in the room,if found, the guilty will be fined Rs. 500/- per item.
  • The main gate of the hostel will be locked at 9 pm.
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in college & hostel campus.

Rules for Visitors

  • No male/female visitor is allowed in hostel room.
  • The visitor will take permission from the principal/warden and will make entries in the visitor's register to meet the students in the visitors room only.
  • Only those visitors will be allowed to meet the students who are authorised by the parents and their photographs and signatures are available in the visitor's register of the institution.
  • Visiting time will be only on Saturdays from 3 p.m to 5 p.m and on Sundays from 9 a.m to 5 p.m.
  • The visitors will not allow to the student in between the working or any holiday in between the week.

Rules for Sick Students

  • Sick leave from can be obtained from the warden after explaining the sickness to the warden,Sick leave form must be submitted to class teacher.
  • Sick student must inform the warden immediately and may tell about the need of any special diet before 9 a.m.
  • Warden will visit the room of the sick student,if there is any problem the student can consult the principal at anytime.

RULES for Night Pass & Outing

Only two nights per month are allowed on the written permission of parents only and outing will be allowed with parents only.

Rules for Mess

  • Mess Charges will be collected in advance on monthly basis and not on diet basis.
  • Mess will be common for all the hostellers under the control of warden.
  • Mess is compulsory for all hostellers.
  • Cooking is not allowed in hostel room.
  • All the meals shall be taken in dining room at proper time.
  • Room service of food is not allowed. No one is allowed to take any mess utensils or meals in her own utensils in outside the dining hall.
  • While coming to the mess the hostellers must be properly dressed. No night suit and open hair are allowed in the mess.
  • Food will be served from the service window.
  • No one is allowed to come in the kitchen area.
  • Wastage of food is not allowed.
  • Students are not allowed to create any kind of indiscipline in the mess.
  • Hostellers are required to pay mess charges by the 5th of every month. In case of default,Rs. 10/- per day will be charged at late fees.
Items to be brought by the students as the time of admission in the Hostel








1 White Bed Sheet 2 7 Bucket with plastic Mug 1
2 Window 2 8 Towels 1
3 Mattress 1 9 Dustbin 1
4 Quilt for Winter 1 10 Wrist Watch 1
5 Dari 1 11 Umbrella 1
6 White Pillow with cover 1      

Important Notes:

The Rules incorporated in this prospectus are subject to the over-riding effect of the relevant Regulation Rules. Institution and directions issued by the Punjab Govt./PNRC/INC issued through Gazette notification from time to time. In case of any inconsistency between what is written in this prospectus and that in the directives of Punjab Government/PNRC/INC etc. The later shall prevail and shall be binding on either side.