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Welcome to Bharat College of Nursing, where excellence in nursing education meets compassionate care and professional development.

The Vision

Provide a Plateform for higher learning to make comprehensive health care programme successful through trainers & trainees in the field of Nursing and in supporting disciplines.

The Mission

To challenge the student to achieve most of their individual talents and a greater understanding of themselves.To develop intellect of student through maintenance of highest standards of academic excellence and education growth.

Our Aim

To provide a broad based education for preparation of Nursing personal of advanced levels who can function in a wide variety of settings & contribute effectively towards professional upliftment.

why choose us

Why Bharat College of Nursing

There are several compelling reasons to choose Bharat College of Nursing for your education:

bharat college of nursing

Providing Best Infrastructure

The building of Bharat College of Nursing stands as a symbol of modernity and innovation, designed to provide a conducive environment for learning and growth. With its contemporary architecture and well-planned layout, the building encompasses various facilities dedicated to enhancing the educational experience.The library within the building is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering an extensive collection of books, journals, and research materials, providing students with access to the latest advancements in nursing and healthcare. It serves as a hub for academic exploration and supports students in their quest for in-depth understanding.

To The Journey Ahead

Gain Valuable Knowledge & Experience

Accredited and Recognized

Bharat College of Nursing is an accredited institution, recognized for its quality education and adherence to industry standards. This ensures that your degree holds value and is widely accepted in the nursing profession.

Clinical Training

Bharat College of Nursing emphasizes hands-on clinical training to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Students gain practical experience in various clinical settings, enabling them to develop the necessary skills and confidence to excel in their nursing careers.

Industry Partnerships and Placements

Bharat College of Nursing has established strong partnerships with renowned healthcare institutions, hospitals, and clinics. This opens up opportunities for students to participate in internships, gain exposure to diverse healthcare settings,

You Apply

Step into the future of nursing education at Bharat College, where the building itself breathes innovation, knowledge, and endless possibilities for aspiring nurses.

We Connect

“Where Education and Compassion Connect: Join Bharat College of Nursing and become part of a community that combines excellence in education with the power of compassionate care.”

Our director

Arun Dogra

A dynamic and visionary leader serving as the Director of Bharat College of Nursing. With a passion for excellence in nursing education and a commitment to fostering a nurturing learning environment, Mr. Dogra leads the college towards shaping compassionate and competent nurses who are ready to make a positive impact in the healthcare field.

Our director

Raman Dogra

 The esteemed Director of Bharat College of Nursing, whose visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence have propelled the institution to new heights in nursing education.

Mr. Michael d Jhong Finance Minister british Columbia, Canada

I am inspired by the work taking place here at the Bharat College of Nursing. The Staff & Students ofthe college has great force behind the college deserve to be congratulated for this great eclat.

S. Amarjit Singh Samra Ex. Cabinet Minister (PB) Revenue & Resttlement if NRI's of punjab

I have immense pleasure to know that Doaba Medical Education Welfare Development Society (Regd.) Nakodar,have ventured to establish Bharat Institute of the Nursing Training at V.P.O. Mundh – 144030 Teh. Nakodar Distt.Jalandhar career oriented courses of General Nursing (B.Sc.), (PBBSc), ANM, GNM & Pharmacy Course, for educating females of the area.

S. Kewal Singh Takhar Ex. Chairman

Health is very precious of all now days. With advent of industrialization, deforestation, excessive use of chemical has made fragile, infirm and disease prone. To serve the man kind for a noble cause of creating, healthy and wholesome society is a rarest service. Doaba Medical Educational Welfare Society (R) having great conviction has ventured In various health services i.e. establishing Bharat Institute of Nursing Training and Bharat Ayurvedic Charitable Hospital at Village-Mudh.

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