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Modern Nursing is a dynamic, therapeutic and educating process in meeting the health needs of the individual, the family and the community. Since the Nurses are responsible to provide a large part of health-care, the training should equip them with professional expertise to meet the changing demands of the society and their expanding role therin. To achieve emphasis must be laid to impart the knowledge and skill most relevant to the health care needs of the community and the country as a whole. As we have entered the 21st Century, with new hopes and expectations, we need to visualize and appreciate the magnitude & dimensions of the changes taking place in our environment and social setup. The changes have brought about revolutionary development in our family life with far reaching impact on the age old strategy and structure. These developments have necessitated the professional educational and training resulting in job oriented and self-employment for all those who wish to be part and parcel of new generation area. Thus there is a need of intensive, futuristic and career oriented education for females.



The Bharat Institute of Nursing Training offers 3 years diploma course in General Nursing & Midwifery (B.Sc.) (M.Sc.) based on the state of best theory and contemporary Nursing practice so as to enable the young girls, to face the challenges of the future.

While welcoming all the aspirant nurses eagerly looking for the fulfillment of the goal of quality higher education in Nursing Profession, I would like to t assure all that Doaba Medical Education Welfare Development Society will endevour to provide, the best of all which suits your dreamed expectations in life.

With these worlds, I welcome you once again for taking admission in the professional Nursing Training Course at the sprawling homely campus of Bharat Institute of Nursing Training and wish you a successful career as a student of Florence Nightingale Aq of the nursing profession.


Mrs. Surinder Rani chair person

The Doaba Medical Educational Welfare Development Society (Regd.) have the firm faith in the concept of health organization (W.H.O.) i.e. “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

The Society also support the view point of the international Council of Nurses that the unique the function of the nurse is to assist the individual, sick or well, in the performance of those activities contributing to-health or its recovery or to peaceful death that he would perform un-aided if he had the necessary strength, will or knowledge and to do this, in sue a way as to help him gain independence as rapidly as possible.

The Society and the Bharat Institute of Nursing & Pharmacy Training, that basic education is formally recognized programme of studio, providing broad and sound foundation in the behavioral, life and Nursing Sciences for the general practice of the Nursing, for a leadership role the nursing post basic education in specialties for advanced Nursing practice. The Society believes that nursing profession is influenced by advances in Science & Technology and that skills in all the aspects of Nursing.

The Society and the Bharat Institute of Nursing Training, is also aware that the nature of nursing is such that a substantial portion of learning of students is acquired in the clinical field of practice and for this purpose, the society had acquired affiliation with Govt. and prestigious private hospitals.

The Society and the Bharat Institute assume responsibility in helping the students to develop perfection in the profession besides keeping them abreast with current & latest knowledge & professional trends for a successful career ahead.


S. Amarjit Singh Samra Ex. Cabinet Minister (PB) Revenue & Resttlement if NRI's of punjab

I have immense pleasure to know that Doaba Medical Education Welfare Development Society (Regd.) Nakodar,have ventured to establish Bharat Institute of the Nursing Training at V.P.O. Mundh – 144030 Teh. Nakodar Distt.Jalandhar career oriented courses of General Nursing (B.Sc.), (PBBSc), ANM, GNM & Pharmacy Course, for educating females of the area.

The President of the society who is a well reputed social personality Sh. Sukhdev Sharma & Sh. Kuldeep Sharma deserves all proud for this noble course, for educating candidates of the area.

Students of the course are also brushed on their soft skills and given a number of opportunities to learn and polish their verbal as well as written communication.I pray at the climax of their arrandisement & wish them all success.

Mr. Michael d Jhong Finance Minister british Columbia, Canada.

I am inspired by the work taking place here at the Bharat College of Nursing. The Staff & Students ofthe college has great force behind the college deserve to be congratulated for this great eclat.

I have sweet memories of my pleasant time in Bharat College Nursing & Pharmacy and I always feel proud of it.

S. Kewal Singh Takhar Ex. Chairman Market Committee, Nakodar CO

Health is very precious of all now days. With advent of industrialization, deforestation, excessive use of chemical has made fragile, infirm and disease prone. To serve the man kind for a noble cause of creating, healthy and wholesome society is a rarest service. Doaba Medical Educational Welfare Society (R) having great conviction has ventured In various health services i.e. establishing Bharat Institute of Nursing Training and Bharat Ayurvedic Charitable Hospital at Village-Mudh.

Bharat Institute of Nursing is sparing no pains and making strenuous and diligent efforts to develop and attain perfection in nursing profession by the virtue of trained, qualified and rich caliber faculty, innovation, keeping abreast with current and latest knowledge of avocation.

In vie of the changed nursing scenario, the college management is striving to cope with need of versatil qualified and multifaceted nurses.

Latest I profoundly congratulate the parents and students as well chosen this institute of homely atmosphe aesthetic greenery spacious and palatial building to grow and rise immensely.

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